Cork Charm Holder

Cork Charm Holder

Here I’ve put together a quick and fun craft project that is both practical and super easy to make. A Cork Charm Holder: use it to hold all of those wine charms that you made from the tutorial This project is made using corks from all the great wines you have enjoyed and shadow box picture frame.

Tools needed:

  • 20 (+/-) wine corks (boiled for 10 minutes)
  • Small eyelet screw hooks
  • A shadow box style picture frame size can be 4×6 up to any size you’d like
  • Hot glue gun, and the glue
  • Small jewelry pliers


Step 1: Remove the glass from the picture frame and replace just the backing.

Step 2: Once you have boiled your corks (note: boiling the corks helps you to easily cut them with out getting the crumbling) use tongs to take them out and cut them in half. Cut as many as you need to fill the entire frame.All boiled

Step 3: Heat up your hot glue gun and when it’s ready add glue to one side of your cork. Then press into the backing of the frame. Do this until the whole frame is filled with the corksgluedall filled

Step 4: So that you will be able to hang the charms you need to open up your eyelet hooks using the small pliers to bend them open.opened eyeletStep 5: Once you have opened enough of the hooks screw them into the corks. Try to space them out enough that you have room to hang and display the charms.screw ithooked up

Step 6: After all the hooks are in the corks now it’s just a matter of finding your new charm holder a home. The one I have here is a wall hung but I also have done them with a stand that just sits on the counter-top.Done

And Voila look at that! A Stylish and functional charm holder for your wine charms! Now you have a convenient access to the charms that will help you keep track of your wine!


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  1. Jessie

    September 28, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Now, I have a way to save all my wine corks! This is such a cute and perfect idea!

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