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Hello! & Welcome to my blog: The Klassy Life!

The Klassy Life blog is a new venture that allows me to share my life experiences, thoughts, and love with the world. I was recently asked while at a charity even for a very close friend “What do you do for fun?” I actually didn’t answer that person for several seconds and kind of look up to think what do I do for fun? I have so many passions in my life that I literally can’t think of the exact thing that makes me happy, aside from the obvious that my family is my happiest achievement everything else is a mesh of items that I enjoy and indulge in. To name a few; family, wines, organization, home, food, DIY, shopping, reading, friends, party hosting, and traveling. I hope you find something here that you enjoy as well. Feel free to comment and give feedback about your experience.

Gervais family
My beautiful family

Now to give a little background on myself: I am a mother to two children, my son is 6 and my daughter is 3, and married to my husband for 8 years now. We met when I was senior in high school and with in 6 months of dating we moved into our first apartment together, it’s been almost 13 years now that I’ve known him and we have had a great run thus far! My husband is a hard working man that goes above and beyond to provide a great life for his family. My children are full of personality and are my greatest gift that anyone has ever given me.I have had an interesting life so far, growing up in a military family I moved about 8 different times, attended 7 different schools and have a dozen siblings (yes a real dozen, biological, half and step). I graduated high school and have an associates degree in Business management. I worked for about 8 years in the banking industry and for the past 3 and half years am now a stay at home mom. ​

I hope you enjoy the content in my blog and will provide feedback and comments.

Thank you

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