An Organized Journey

organized journey

Do you look around your home and often feel overwhelmed by messy drawers, cabinets, counter tops, closets, or rooms in general? You are not alone, I feel like the clutter and chaos never end; and I hate clutter and things that have to more use in my life to just be laying around (I cannot watch hoarders it gives me anxiety and then OCD to go clean something) but between everything that life expects each day their are these areas in your home that start as a small area that a paper was placed into, to now it holds a plethora of mail!

In this blog post I’m going to go on a journey to organize all of these areas in my home. The tasks will be small and take minimal time but the end result will maximize the organization of your home and make clutter slowly disappear and have a home of it’s own. Every so often I will tackle an area of my home and highlight the cleaning and organization of the area, it will be linked back to this main post but will also have it’s own blog post. Hopefully it will inspire you to get in there too and get organized.

Come on a journey with me and leave a comment of areas in your home that just seem to hold the clutter, maybe I’ll tackle an area of my home that’s similar!

Be sure to check out the journey’s tasks here.

The Junk Drawer:


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