An Organized Journey – The Junk Drawer

The Junk Drawer

The first stop on our journey together is the dreaded junk drawer.

It literally holds all of our junk that we don’t want cluttering our tables, counter tops or other surfaces. If your drawer is anything like mine, it holds an array of crazy things, a lint roller, 6 lighters, menus from local food places, dozens of pens, and a whole plethora of nick knacks.

Junk galore

The first step to organizing this mess is to clean everything out of the drawer. As you take it out place the items into different piles (IE; pens, things to trash, menus/paper, etc.) until the whole drawer is completely empty.

All cleaned

The next step, vacuum out all the bits and pieces of whatever it is from the drawer and clean with a Clorox wipe or other cleaner. Now we are ready to put everything back in an organized way. So for keeping it organized, I picked up an inexpensive organizer from Marshall’s to use in the drawer and I also just use Ziploc bags to hold similar items together, like our batteries, and extra keys that I’m afraid to throw out. Also the dollar tree has an array of little baskets that would work perfectly as well.

Look at all of these pens! I never even knew all of these were in there, if you have a few pens be sure to check to make sure they all work first before putting them in the drawer and throw out the bad ones. It’s super frustrating when you need to write something down and the pen doesn’t work! all the pens

An voila we have a drawer that I can actually find things in quickly, menus are together, the pens are in a neat little organizer (now we’ll be able to find one instead of searching the whole house) and I found this cute little clip board with a pad of paper to add in there for when I need to write something down I know where paper is!

Hopefully this inspires you to get organized! Trust me it’s only been a day of organization and it’s already 100 x better!

Be sure to let me know how your organization of the junk drawer went and let me know what areas hold the clutter!!

Thanks for reading.



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