Tips for flying with kids

flying with kids

Just this past summer my husband and I planned a trip cross country to beautiful southern California. We have always wanted to visit southern Cali and this year was the year. We were pumped about this decision and started the planning process. First thing first were the plane tickets. That’s when we realized that flying from Boston to San Diego is approximately 6 hours in the air, I was nervous, that’s a long time for kids on the plane. So it was up to me to plan how to keep the kids from not going crazy on the plane, and in retrospect for my husband and I not to lose our minds as well.  My biggest fear was that we would get someone near us that just does not like flying with kids around, so my goal was to keep them busy enough that we wouldn’t be a bother to those around us.

So here are a few tips for flying that I put together for you to use:

Tip 1

Bring snacks! Most planes do offer a snack and meal boxes for purchase, but the options are limited. Pack some your kids favorite snacks and some for yourself, I used gallon size Ziploc bags to hold them. I had one in my bag, my husband had one is his bag and I put extras in our checked bags so that we would have some for the flight home. (Bonus: you’ll have left overs that you can have in your hotel room) Some snack ideas that were popular with us are:

  • fruit snacks
  • individual bags of crackers
  • applesauce pouches
  • granola bars

Tip 2

Bring empty bottles with a straw for everyone flying! Pack them in your carry-on bags and pull them out to fill with the drinks that the flight attendants bring. Trust me on this one, to pour everyone’s drinks in them to avoid spilling messes. No one wants to have to deal with a knocked over drink spilling on to them, the kids your bags stored underneath or (heaven forgive) another passenger! It will save you from having to scramble for napkins, or searching for clothes so everyone can change.

Tip 3

A tablet of some kind! Be sure to fill it with fun games they love to play and download a movie or two in case your plane does not have TV’s on it or you don’t want to pay for it. Then pack the tablet in your kids carry on. (Don’t forget the charger)

Tip 4

Give the kids their own carry-on bags and fill them up! The fun part of this for the kids was having a few new little toys and busy stuff to play with that I picked up cheap from the dollar store. Here are some ideas for the kids carry-on bags:

  • A book to read
  • A Coloring book
  • Little toys
  • Gum
  • Head phones
  • Favorite lovey that they need for sleep/play.

Now that you’re armed with some tools it’s just a matter of taking that plane flight. If at all possible try to get those flights during a sleeping period; it will hopefully induce a nap at some point during the flight. Good luck on the flight and enjoy your vacation!

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